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TruExpansion Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that empowers youth through our personal development, life skills, and wellness program.


Our curriculum is developed by a certified life coach and wellness specialist. We incorporate research from leading experts on the brain and learning. We use findings by Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson who is a professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina, and Dr. Tony Buzan who is the popularized the Mind Mapping Technique.


Our youth empowerment programs (YEP) consist of life coaching strategies, leadership methods, and wellness practices to help teens identify their unique strengths, develop confidence in their capabilities and learn valuable tools to apply throughout life.


Our instructor teaches students how to build a strong foundation for personal and professional development.


By engaging students during the most crucial developmental stages we are able to equip them with the tools and confidence necessary to create healthy habits, accomplish their goals and building success. 


Our 2-part program helps youth identify positive ways to manage thoughts and emotions. Students learn how to eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs that often hinders one from reaching their full potential and students develop tools for creating a positive self-image and a healthy foundation.


TruExpansion Foundation has established 6-key elements to help teens build confidence, reach their full potential, and achieve their goals while developing into valuable leaders in their community. 


6-Key Elements:

  • Empowerment

  • Mindfulness (meditation)

  • Wellness (yoga)

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership



What is our Mission?


Our mission is to change the world through the empowerment of youth, one child at a time. 


What is our Vision?


Our vision is to nurture and nourish the brilliance in all youth. To reveal to them their own genius and establish a healthy foundation for them to build upon. 

"We believe every child should have an equal opportunity to succeed." - Tawanna Rucker, Founder, and CEO










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Help us make a positive difference in a child's life. When you make a donation you help us reach teens who are without resources to experience our life changing programs. Click the link below to support youth with challenging circumstances.

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Empowerment & Wellness

Our youth empowerment and wellness program aims to provide teens with tools to help them achieve their potential. This 2-day course focuses on 6-key elements to help teens establish a healthy foundation to build on.


Students identify effective ways to manage thoughts and emotions, team building skills, the benefits of wellness practices and students develop tools for creating a positive self-image and a healthy foundation.

On day one, we focus on empowerment and personal development. On day two, we focus on mindfulness, wellness and students participate in a yoga class for teens.


Our Empowerment and Wellness program consists of life coaching strategies, leadership methods, and wellness practices. The course is for teens ages 12-17 years old.

Plus you will receive your Leadership certification upon completion of the course.

Vocational Training: Professionalism & Leadership

Professionalism & Leadership is designed for youth ages 16-17yrs who are looking to develop business office skills.


This seasonal program teaches business etiquette and prepares students for employment in a broad range of positions.


Students are provided with hands-on training, along with classroom training to prepare them to enter the job market. 


Each student is assigned a personal workstation in the classroom. They interact with the instructor and other students simulating a business office environment.


Teens develop business knowledge and new skills to confidently add value to an organization. 

Plus you will receive your Professionalism & Leadership certification upon completion of the course.

TruLeadership Club


Graduates have an opportunity to stay connected through our Advanced Leadership Club. This is a free membership that offers advanced leadership training, fellowship with like-minded peers and volunteer opportunities.


The purpose of the Advanced Leadership Club (ALC) is to incorporate a "Pay It Forward" component to our programs. Past students from graduating classes become volunteers within our organization and our partnering organizations, providing them with opportunities to become youth leaders in the community.


This helps give us a base for new leaders at a peer level while also allowing us to develop long-term relationships with graduates.

Program focus in the following areas:

Confidence Building


Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Mindset Principles



and more...

Fields of Expertise:

Life Coach Certified

Licensed Wellness Specialist

Corporate Leadership Training

Youth Development

Child Advocacy




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EIN 81-1380627

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