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Announcing Our New Interns: Cody Allan and Yoselyn Sanchez

2019 Interns

This week we're excited to welcome Cody Allan and Yoselyn Sanchez to the team as our new Program Assistant Interns. Both are students at the University of North Texas. Cody is a senior studying Human Development. Yoselyn is also a senior studying Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Psychology.

TruExpansion Foundation sat down with our new interns to learn more about them and what inspires them to this work.

Where are you from originally?

Yoselyn: I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Dallas about 10 years ago.

Cody: Burleson, Texas. However, I was born in Arlington Texas.

What motivated you to pick your major?

Cody: My mother had an out-of-home childcare center for most of my life and is currently working with the TXAEYC council members as their treasurer. That being said, I've always had this field of study around me and just needed a push in the right direction to figure out what I enjoy out of life and what I want to contribute to.

Yoselyn: I chose this major because I enjoy working with families and children.

What was it about TruExpansion Foundation that inspired you to intern with us?

Yoselyn: What inspired me about TruExpansion was that many young teenagers face difficulties in not being able to express themselves and lack self-confidence. I feel that this program focuses on tackling their troubles.

Cody: I wanted to have my internship mean something. I want to help those that need it, as I feel I have a lot of potential. I want to show teens that it gets better. It does get easier and just because they are troubled or in a low point in their lives now doesn’t mean it will always be that way.

Our mission is to change the world through the empowerment of youth. Do you believe empowering youth can help change the world? If so, share your thoughts.

Cody: Yes, the youth are our future. If we do not empower them we are doing a disservice to future generations and ourselves as well.

Yoselyn: Yes, when you empower youth it will allow them to reach their full potential.

Part of our vision statement is to reveal to youth their own genius and establish a healthy foundation for them to build upon. What impact do you think that will have?

Cody: I believe it will allow youth to gain a sense of understanding of who they are and who they want to be.

Yoselyn: I believe that through the 6-key elements that TruExpansion Foundation focuses on, teenagers will be able to find their worth and be able to achieve anything they set their mind to.

What is the one thing you would tell a teenager who is thinking about enrolling in our program?



Yoselyn: Everyone experiences hardships in life and through our program they will be able to confront those hardships properly with tools we provide them with.

Cody: I would tell them that taking the class can only benefit them for the time spent. I also would stress that we are merely here to provide the tools for them to succeed and that it is entirely up to them to choose when they are ready and if they want to use the tools.

Yoselyn and Cody will be with us through the spring. They will assist with the preparation of programs, providing support with enrollment, recruitment, managing projects, along with other responsibilities that contribute to the success of our organization.

We are in positive expectation that the best is yet to come for them both and we look forward to having them on our team.

Welcome to the team, Cody and Yoselyn!


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