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Exceptional Student at UNT and our New Intern

We are pleased to welcome Raven Bagley to our organization, an exceptional student who is driven, self-motivated, has a great personality and a bright future.

Raven comes to us from the University of North Texas where she majors in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Counseling. She is a junior with a 3.8 grade point average.

Raven Bagley brings a wealth of optimism and an eagerness to contribute and make a difference. Her position includes assisting with the preparation of programs, providing support with enrollment, recruitment, managing projects, along with other responsibilities that contribute to the success of our organization.

TruExpansion Foundation: How did you hear about TruExpansion Foundation?

Raven Bagley: I spoke with my professor who teaches Professional Development in Human Development. She provided me with Tawanna Rucker’s information and said she would be a great person to get in touch with.

TruExpansion Foundation: What inspired you to intern at TruExpansion Foundation?

Raven Bagley: My inspiration stems from seeing children who are unable to express themselves due to being afraid that they will not be understood. That could be because of their lack of emotional regulation, their relationships with others, and experiences. I want to help them understand that they are not alone and there are people to help them understand the feelings they are experiencing, so they have a better idea of who they are and how to face life from a positive viewpoint.

TruExpansion Foundation: What is one thing you would tell a teen who is considering enrolling in our program?

Raven Bagley: They do not have to feel ashamed of the things they are experiencing. Each of us have our difficulties in life and through our program they will be provided with tools to tackle them appropriately.

Raven is inspired by the mission and vision and hopes to grow with our organization as we continue to grow. We are in positive expectation that the best is yet to come for her and we look forward to having her on our team.

Welcome to the team, Raven!


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