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Dallas County (G.R.A.D.) Truancy Court partners with TruExpansion Foundation.

TruExpansion Foundation has partnered with the City of Dallas G.R.A.D. Truancy Court. The goal of Dallas County G.R.A.D. Court is to place at-risk youth on the right track by encouraging them to attend school and become productive citizens in our community.

TruExpansion Foundation's youth development programs engage teens through personal development, life skills and wellness courses. Our programs consist of 6-key elements to help teens identify their strengths to improve self-image, build confidence and teach teens how to make choices that support their goals.

TruExpansion Foundation provides several youth development programs. TEF Truancy Uplift is designed for students who have non-attendance from school or absenteeism.

TEF Truancy Uplift help teens eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs that offer hinders one from achieving their potential. The program provides tools to manage daily challenges and re-engage them in school.

TruExpansion Foundation has partnered with the University of North Texas at Dallas to add a higher education component to the 5-week program. Teens receive a special presentation and campus tour. They learn how to apply for college and what to expect during the process. This partnership aims to develop the whole child from the inside/out and place them on the road for success.


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