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University of North Texas at Dallas brings Higher Education component to Program.

The University of North Texas at Dallas has partnered with TruExpansion Foundation in a common cause to empower youth in underserved communities. Students in the 5-week program will participate in campus tours and presentations that are specific to the needs of teens in TruExpansion Foundation's Empowerment Program.

"This is an exciting opportunity for our organization. Through this partnership we are able to reach youth at a crucial time in their development and introduce life coaching strategies, leadership methods and wellness practices," says Tawanna Rucker, Founder and CEO at TruExpansion Foundation.

The partnership with UNT Dallas allows TruExpansion Foundation to provide another layer to the youth program. It connects youth to higher education and engage them in school. Students learn how to apply for college and what to expect during the process. Students learn early preparation and they also experience college life for a day. This partnership supports students in their personal and professional development and it provides teens with resources that will make their goals achievable.

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