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Do you want to develop mindset tools that will give you an advantage? Do you want to learn emotional regulation so you feel more in control of your thoughts and emotions? Learn techniques to help you improve your grades, improve your relationships, and build your confidence. 


Our 2-part Empowerment Program will help you identify positive ways to manage thoughts and emotions. Students learn how to eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs that often hinders one from reaching their full potential and students develop tools to create a positive self-image and a healthy foundation.


You will learn personal development, life skills, and wellness methods to help you make decisions to support you in getting the best results in life. You will learn how NOT to allow circumstances to define you. You will develop tools to better identify your unique strengths and you will become more confident in your capabilities. 


We incorporate findings from leading experts on the brain and learning and we've combined them with our 6-key elements to enhance your personal and professional development.


Students learn in an environment that fosters creative thinking and problem-solving. Classes are interactive allowing you to develop team building and leadership skills.


You will establish a foundation of life coaching strategies, leadership methods, and wellness practices to help you grow into a confident young adult who is equipped to navigate life's obstacles, accomplish your goals and build success. Our founder is a licensed wellness specialist and certified life coach who specializes in self-development. 


TruExpansion Foundation believes the social and emotional component is as important in education as literacy. Our program gives teens the confidence needed to believe in their capabilities, build confidence, and contribute to the world in a positive and impactful way.


Registration is limited! Complete Registration Form below to reserve space for our upcoming classes. See price and dates below. 1.) Submit registration form. 2.) You will receive a confirmation email from our staff and link to pay online. For additional information contact us We look forward to having your teen in class! 












306 N. Loop 288

STE 108

Denton, Texas 76209


EIN 81-1380627

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