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Walmart Foundation

We would like to thank The Walmart Foundation for their generous contribution and financial support. Their partnership helps us to continue our mission to change the world through the empowerment of youth. 

Walmart and The Walmart Foundation are committed to helping people live better through philanthropic efforts. By operating globally and giving back locally, Walmart is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the communities it serves and make a significant social impact.

The generous support of partnerships like this make it possible for our organization to exist and to enable youth in underserved communities with life-skills, personal development and wellness programs. 

Youth Education Town

North Texas Youth Education Town impacts the community with hope by enabling its citizens and their families to aspire, learn, and achieve new possibilities.

We are pleased to partner with YET in their mission to provide disadvantaged youth of North Texas with a safe and secure place to learn while improving their skills to live life to the best of their abilities and enhancing overall social skills and emotional intelligence.

Our collaborative partnership with the North Texas Youth Education Town helps us to continue our mission to teach and demonstrate personal development, wellness and life skills to enable youth to achieve their goals with a strong sense of confidence, inner-connection and self-worth. Together we are planting seeds that will thrive beyond a lifetime.  

UNT Dallas

Our partnership with the University of North Texas at Dallas allows TruExpansion Foundation to provide another layer to our youth program. It connects teens who are in the Truancy Uplift program to higher education. Our students learn how to apply for college and what to expect during the process. Students learn early preparation and they also experience college life for a day.


Teens in our 5-week program participate in campus tours and presentations that are specific to the needs of our teens. This partnership supports our students in their personal and professional development and it provides at-risk teens with resources that will make their goals achievable.

We would like to thank UNT Dallas for believing in our mission and we look forward to a long partnership that will empower the youth in Dallas County. Our partnership with the University of North Texas at Dallas will provide teenagers in underserved communities, ages 12 - 17 years old with the support and resources needed to become successful members in their community. 

Perry Publishing and Broadcasting

Perry Publishing & Broadcasting is a nationwide radio broadcasting and print media company that expands into cable television. PPBC was founded in 1979 and now owns and operates 15 radio stations, newspaper, digital platforms, and television/cable programming. PPBC has nationwide radio formats that target urban, classic rock, classic country, hot country, sports talk and news talk genres. 

Perry Publishing & Broadcasting has a strong community footprint that is grounded in giving back to the community it serves and beyond. TruExpansion Foundation is extremely pleased to partner with Perry Publishing & Broadcasting in our mission to change the world through the empowerment of youth. 

Meadows Conference Center

The Meadows Conference Center provides a collaborative environment for coalitions and nonprofit organizations working to solve community issues and encourages mutual understanding among diverse constituencies.

The Meadows Conference Center allows TruExpansion Foundation to meet the needs of our expanding programs through accommodating board meetings, conferences and trainings.

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